Totes, gift baskets and more

Our specialty care packages are available as Totes or Baskets. These gifts are thoughtfully designed to bring hope, support and empowerment; giving the person in recovery a sense of control over their healing process. The convenience of having just what is needed to help manage symptoms, makes the process of recovery less of a strain.

Mother and Daughter Supportive and Healing

Products have been personally selected and tested to bring comfort, and soothe symptoms while recuperating from surgery, illness, Cancer, bereavement, and more. These supportive gifts tenderly show your love and support during the challenging journey of healing and recovery.

  • Products personally selected and tested
  • Necessities to support healing and recovery
  • Eliminates the search for the perfect gift, so you can spend more time with your loved one

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Surgery Happens Basket

Surgery Happens Basket      

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